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We are on a regenerative mission: invest in us

Our company is launching a capital raise to further advance our industry leading research and continue our mission of planting millions of trees. Register your interest to receive our Business Plan and a playback of our recent webinar:

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A revolution in tree planting

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An environmental legacy

As a Government Agency you can leave an environmental legacy you can be proud of. Learn how we can help foster stronger regrowth in deforested areas and ensure a higher planting survival rate.

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Transforming agriculture

Significantly reduce your planting costs, generate more cash flow and increase yield, while restoring your land’s biodiversity. Discover how our innovative drone technology can transform and improve your business.

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Restoring ecosystems

The mining industry can now fully embrace its responsibilities to revegetate and restore its mining sites to functioning natural and healthy ecosystems. Discover how we can help you overcome reforestation challenges and reduce costs.

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Restoring natural habitats

From Australia to Indonesia and beyond, we’re continually striving to restore deforested areas across the globe. Find out more about the location of our current projects, our conservation goals, and the results we’re achieving.

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About Lord of the Trees

Lord of the Trees is a global reforestation project that combines precision drone technology with the knowledge of environmental experts, farmers, engineers and indigenous communities to replant seeds in deforested areas worldwide.

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Tree Planting Projects

How To Save Our Forests and Rewild Our Planet

Collaborative Work

To achieve our goal of planting millions of trees around the world to create new forests and replant others, we work closely with a wide range of organisations. From government agencies, NGOs and environmental groups to mining corporations and agricultural land owners, we collaborate to provide industry-best solutions to protect and preserve our natural world. Just as importantly, we are grateful to members of the public who help us carry out our mission by purchasing Tree Certificates. All the money raised goes directly to our reforesting work.

Forests you can be part of

Our reforestation projects help to restore deforested land and expand wildlife habitat areas. Play your part in replanting our precious forests by purchasing a Tree Certificate from as little as US$7.50 per tree.

How can I help?

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Forestry Project in Australia

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Forestry Project in Sumatra

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