How You Can Help

Lord of the Trees is backed by the expertise of environmental experts, seed specialists, farmers, engineers, animal protection agencies and aboriginal communities.

But, there’s another key player that is absolutely vital for the success of our projects – and that’s YOU.

We need people like you who are passionate about protecting the planet and want to play their part in creating a better future.

Buy a Tree Certificate today!

Buy a Tree Certificate and help us reforest the world

Our Tree Certificates make for a unique, feel-good gift idea, perfect for marking special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries, or even to thank customers or employees.

Buy a tree certificate and we’ll plant some trees just for you, your family or your business!

Simply select your Tree Certificate amount.

Select the area you’d like your trees to be planted.

You or your gift recipient will receive a numbered Tree Certificate by email as a special keepsake of your budding trees.

Find out more about where you trees will be planted here.

Majority of the proceeds from Tree Certificate purchases go towards the reforestation projects we are working on with our NGO partners. A small portion will also go towards the development of our drone technology so we can continue to expand our reforestation efforts worldwide.

Buy a Tree Certificate today!