Support Reforestation And Expand Wildlife Habitat Areas

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  Recover Lost Ecosystems And Habitats

Your chance to help us reforest the world

How it works

Trees are our life source, now it’s our turn to protect them! For every tree certificate you purchase for yourself or a loved one, we will plant a tree in your name or theirs. Your generosity will have a lasting impact on the eco-system and provide a positive outcome for the local communities.

Choose a location

Working in conjunction with local partners, your sponsorship creates an opportunity to support the planting and maintenance of trees in areas around the globe.

Select how many trees

You can choose to plant as many or as few trees as possible. Each tree that you sponsor will support the expansion of forests in the local area.

Make a real impact

Your generosity supports projects in the local communities. All certificates, along with a project update and photographs if applicable, will be delivered electronically.

Our global reforestation projects

Every Tiny Seed Grows Into Something Wonderful





How your generosity makes a difference

Improves biodiversity

Improves biodiversity The slow recovery of these ecosystems will improve the biodiversity of pollinators, such as bees while helping birds and small animals reclaim their habitats and sustaining a rich habitat for all wildlife.

Leaves a positive impact on communities

The cumulative impact of these projects have and will also continue to provide a number of socio-economic benefits to nearby communities who care deeply for the land.

Minimal impact on the environment

We refrain from using heavy machinery that disturbs wildlife and emits large carbon footprints. We use 100% certified green energy to offset the power of our technology.