Our Technology

Lord of the Trees has been working to modify fully autonomous pre-programmed drones that can work day and night to replant deforested areas around the world.

Our proprietary precision planting drone technology is currently still in the research stage. We are working with our technology partner to conduct observation of environment of use and ergonomic constraints, market research and analysis, and user trials, while gaining valuable input from different sources and specialists to drive the innovation and development of this new technology.

With our new drone-planting systems, we're aiming for an uptake rate of 75% and an 85% decrease in planting costs. This means that in the same time it would take one person to plant around 800 seedlings by hand in a day, our drones operated by one person could plant over a quarter of a million seeds (288,000 to be exact) – and at a fraction of the cost (85% less).

Now, imagine if we were able to put our drones to work at night – that would result in half a million trees planted in 24 hours and 1 million trees planted in 48 hours!

Our system operates on rapid-response precision technology, which will enable the scanning, interpretation and focussed distribution of seed pods to affected areas within 30 days.

The pods contain tree seeds and a specially formulated blend of plant nutrients which are vital to help sustain germination and give the seeds the best head start in life. We aim to emulate nature as closely as possible, mimicking the release of seeds from birds when they poo.

Our precision seed deployment and rapid-response technology is what sets us apart from others in the industry. With a strong focus on precision planting, we can facilitate companion planting and improve the symbiotic relationship of plants based on over 18 years of research from a forestry planting site located in Western Australia.

Founder of Lord of the Trees, Aymeric Maudous, planting seeds of Boswellia sacra one by one.
March 2007, Western Australia site

Satellite picture of the AURIA Forestry Project

Healthy trees growing in harsh conditions

One of our seedings on its way to become a great tree

Some of our seeds

Founder of Auria, David Kennett planting seedlings by hand. February 2005

Founder of Lord of the Trees, Aymeric Maudous, standing next to healthy seedling planted by David Kennett a couple of years before. March 2007

Our seedlings nursery

Native fauna making its way back into the new forest

One of our ID tags to monitor the trees planted


Our drones are weather-sealed and shock resistant with a detachable design that is easily stored and transported. They also feature deployment confirmation, communication back to base, and a variable deployment nozzle for various seed types and sizes.

We also believe in the importance of having a minimal impact on the environment and will use 100% certified green energy to offset the power of our batteries. Our carbon footprint to travel to and from our planting projects will also be offset by planting more trees. Learn more about us.

Our Partners

We believe it takes a village to create positive change in the world.

Collaboration is at the very heart of what we do, and we value the importance of working together to achieve our goals.

Lord of the Trees is proud to partner with:

-- The Auria Forestry Research Project, Australia

-- Orang Utan Republik Foundation (OURF), USA

Join us on our mission replant our precious forests and give something back to the world we call home.