Our Environmental and Social Impact

A positive environmental and social impact is the primary measure of our success as a business, and we pledge to prioritise this above all else, even in cases where it may not drive profitability.

We believe in purpose over profits, and it is our purpose to develop, fortify and use our drone technology, our business and our partnerships for the good of the earth and its people.

An unwavering commitment to the environment is at the very core of what we do. Protecting and preserving our natural world is not just our obligation – it is vital for our long-term success. We intrinsically rely on the environment to help move our business forward, from using natural resources to improve our technology, to reaching our reforestation goals.

The distinctive role we play in both Australia and around the world is guided by our environmental, ethical and social responsibility to create positive change and strive for the highest standards of integrity in all of our initiatives and practices.

To ensure all of our stakeholders and partners are accountable for and aligned with these environmental and social goals, we have specific indicators and monitors built in to all of our operations and processes.

Ultimately, it is our mission to harness the powerful capabilities of our proprietary precision planting drone technology to plant 1 million trees every 48 hours. With this innovative technology, we can successfully revegetate and reforest the world’s most affected areas at a large scale and ensure the survival of the trees of tomorrow.

Find out more about our proprietary drone technology here.

Acknowledgement of Country

We acknowledge and respect the Traditional Custodians whose ancestral lands we live and work upon and we pay our respects to their Elders past, present and emerging. We acknowledge and respect the deep spiritual connection and the relationship that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have to Country.


Upcoming B Corp Certification (end of 2020)

Lord of the Trees is currently undergoing B Corporation certification. Through this, we aim to show our leadership and commitment in using our business as a force for good. Our B Corp certification will ensure that we meet the highest standards of overall social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability to earn and maintain our certification.


We are eager to join the 2,600+ Certified B Corporations from 120 industries and over 40 countries with one unifying goal – to redefine success in business.